Need a recharge

There’s a man to whom I’ve become very attached. We’ve known each other since we were teenagers, and, although our relationship to each other has changed many times through the years, recent circumstances have brought us back into each other’s lives.

Now, it seems we can’t see each other often enough, and I miss him tremendously when we are apart. When I tell him so and he says he misses me, too, it always melts my heart.

When we reunite after being apart, the first thing we do is hug—sometimes for a long time if things have been difficult. And whenever we hug, it’s almost (for lack of a better comparison) like wireless charging!

When we are close, especially when we hug or snuggle, it’s as if something passes between us—directly from one heart to the other—recharging us both. The closer together our hearts are, the stronger it is and the longer it lasts. That’s what gets me through the times when we are apart.

I’m in need of a recharge, mdb. The sooner, the better.

Tell me what you think.

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