Who am I?

That’s a fair question—and the answer is still open to interpretation. I’m no longer the person I was; but I’m not yet the person I will be, either. I’m old enough to have gained a fair amount of wisdom, but not old enough to have lost my curiosity. One thing I’ve learned is that it can be dangerous to ask “Sooo…what’s next?” But for some reason, I keep asking.

I have faced some tough times, but have always managed to survive, thanks to the grace of God. I have been hurt and betrayed by people I thought I knew and could trust, but I’ve never felt abandoned by God. I have always been strong, but I am stronger now, either in spite or because of the circumstances I’ve faced. I’ve learned a lot about myself and others—some things were helpful, and some I didn’t necessarily want to know.

I’m also learning to be open and available to love again. It has been a lot to handle, but it has also been very rewarding to learn and transform into the latest (and hopefully greatest) version of myself.

I graduated from UNT in Denton, TX as a “non-traditional” student in May 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in English. It was a lifelong dream, and a big accomplishment for me (second only to raising my son).

I blog to cope; to work out the things that don’t make sense in my head. Putting my thoughts into sentences that I can rearrange into a logical order helps me organize my ideas and clarify my point of view. Sometimes I write just to express my opinion and get the things that bother me “off my chest” and out into the open. Occasionally, I write because something has happened that I feel a need to share. Some posts are for everyone; some are for or about someone specific; some are just for me.

Most of all I put them out here in the public domain to remind people that, no matter what they are experiencing, they are probably not the only one who has those feelings. Some of these topics will be common and some will only touch a few, but I hope to reassure you that you are not alone.

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