Things I don’t have to do anymore…

Be the last in line.

I don’t have to wait until the end of the day, and hope there’s time for me. I don’t have to wish I had someone to talk to. I don’t have to try to get some time in before he falls asleep in the middle of my story.

I am free now to find someone who will make me a priority; not an afterthought. Someone who will want to start his day with me, want to make the time to talk with me during the day, and end his day with me. Someone who will listen to me, not just pretend to listen while they think about what they will say next. I am very sensitive to that.

Read his mind.

I am now free to find the person who will share with me, and tell me what he thinks and feels, so that I don’t have to guess. Someone who can communicate with me, so that my amazing talent for reading minds becomes unnecessary.

Keep my feelings inside.

I can find someone who isn’t afraid to hear about my feelings; someone who can take it, even if I think he’s done something wrong. Someone who wants to know what’s wrong, and is willing to fix it.

Try to get him to notice me.

I want someone who thinks I’m worth their attention. Someone who will tell me that I look nice, or smell good; someone who will lie and tell me I’m beautiful. Better yet—someone who’s enough a fool for love to believe it!

Depend on him.

I’m ready for someone who won’t let me down. Again, who won’t make me last priority. Someone who thinks what I need or what I’ve asked is important enough NOT to wait until there’s just no other option but to take care of it. A man who will make my requests important because I’m important.

Hope he’ll change.

This time, I want a man who doesn’t need to change. A man who want to be a husband; who wants to be MY husband.

Tell me what you think.

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