Weak in the knees

Have you ever had a kiss that made you go completely—literally—weak in the knees? A kiss that just totally blows you away? There are certain kisses that seem as if time stands still for as long as they continue. The entire world disappears, and nothing exists except the two of you. They can be very gentle, or extremely passionate. One of my favorites was unbelievably tender, and made me so shaky I wasn’t sure that I could walk to the ladies’ room without falling down. I found myself trembling. I was speechless.

The last one I received was as I was saying goodbye to someone that I didn’t want to leave. With tears in both our eyes, he pulled me into one last kiss that took my breath away.

Those kisses are rare. When you find someone who can give them to you, hang on to them. I think they only come with true love. I lost mine.

Some people may never have even one kiss like that. Other kisses can certainly be enjoyable. I’m not saying that a relationship without them is doomed; or that you should measure every kiss by that standard. But once you’ve had one, you will always be longing for the next one.

I am.

Tell me what you think.

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