Better than you are

Did you ever know someone who makes you better than you can be without them? Better than you are? Like the song says—“what if you’re makin’ me all that I was meant to be?” Someone who respects you and expects the best of you; so much so that you feel compelled to live up to—or even exceed—their expectations.

I want to find a man like that; a man who encourages the best parts of me. A man who will inspire me to be better than my best self; better than I ever thought I could be. I want someone who knows different things than I do, and wants to learn from me as well as teach me. Someone who’s always got an idea for something interesting to do, but is just as happy to sit with me and do nothing but BE.

I want a man who will take me places he’s been, just to experience them anew with me; then take me to new places that we can experience for the first time together. I want a man to learn about me until he knows me inside and out, and to let me know as much about him. I want a man who will excite my passion, and in turn, allow me to ignite his. A man who will love me far more than I deserve.

A man who is willing to let me inspire him to be better than he is without me.

Tell me what you think.

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