Normal love

Atlanta Rhythm Section

Normal love—
I need some normal love.
Not a sickness, nor a madness,
Just an everyday affair.
But just like an old-fashioned love song,
These days, it’s rare.

Outer space—
These days it’s commonplace.
If it’s storybook or strange
It’s the passion of the day.
I’m caught up in that old cosmic circle;
So out of place…

Normal love—
Make it sweet, make it simple.
Oooh – that’s what I need.
Just a smile, just a kiss…
Oooh – Normalness.

What a twist;
I need your normalness.
I’d forget you if I could—
And normally I would.
But just like an old family portrait,
You’re one of a kind.
And in these crazy times I need
Your normal love.

Tell me what you think.

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