How clueless are we in high school?! As I go back and become reacquainted with some of the people I once thought I knew, I am finding out things that amaze me… Things I never noticed or even dreamed might be going on were apparently happening all around me, while I was completely oblivious.

Do you know how much those younger kids looked up to you? Do you know how any of those old boyfriends really felt about you? Do you know what your best friend thought about you? Do you have any idea who had a crush on you, but never said anything? Would you be as stunned as I was to find out?

Was I really so caught up in my own teenage angst that I just never noticed? Or was I so unassuming that I never imagined anyone saw me as that important in their lives? I’d like to believe that it was the latter, but let’s face it—it probably wasn’t.

It makes me wonder what things might have been like if I’d known then what I know now. Would I have been kinder, or braver, or more careful about the things I said and did?

All that’s left is to work with what I know now, and make the best of it. I can be kind to those who care about me or look up to me. I can be more thoughtful of other people’s feelings. I can be braver about letting others know that I care about them. I’m not too old yet; I can at least change that much.

Tell me what you think.

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