For you, wherever you are

I can’t seem to get you off my mind tonight. All I can think about is how much I want to touch you; to talk to you; to feel you hold me.

As always, I am safe with your arms around me and my head on your shoulder. Nothing can hurt me as long as you keep me here. Face to face, we talk quietly and intimately about nothing of consequence.

I imagine the quiet times, too, when the conversation dies away and we each are content to listen to the other’s breaths and heartbeats.

But soon, there is a moment when your eyes hold mine. You push the hair away from my face, and you kiss me. Our kisses are tender at first—gentle and sweet—but they quickly become deeper and more passionate. I adore your kisses. From the very first one, those kisses have stirred something deep in my soul that I can never forget—no matter how hard I try.

As your kisses begin to wander down my throat and neck and shoulder, your hands start to caress me, and I melt to your touch. I kiss your ear, and we both know what’s about to happen. We both want it desperately!

Afterward, we struggle to breathe and our sweaty bodies seem reluctant to separate. We rest again in the comfort of each other.

There. Real or imagined, it’s written down and done. All these images and words and phrases can stop swirling around in my head like they do… Now, maybe I can finally get some sleep!

Tell me what you think.

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