My turn

I have always been the rock; the sensible one; the one that everyone clings to, expecting me to steadfastly support them and handle things. I spent far too many years living a life that wasn’t right for me, just because it worked for everybody else. Will it ever be my turn?

I’m tired. I am ready to find a man who will take care of me; who will be MY rock. I want someone to worry about ME for a change; to baby ME when I’M sick. I need someone who will call me sweet names, or have that one special name that he only uses for me. I love that. I’d love to have someone play gently with my feet while we share the couch reading or watching a movie. I want someone who will defend me, and look out for me, and hold me and kiss my tears away when I just feel like crying.

I would love to find someone who does what I ask just because I asked.

Someone who accepts that it’s NOT always all about him, and is secure enough to be okay with that—knowing full well that I will baby and love and cuddle him in return.

Now, stop laughing, girls… that’s not nice.

Tell me what you think.

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