Dropping out

Do you ever wonder why people just drop out of your life? I do. It happens to me from time to time. Truthfully, I’ve probably done it to others more often than I’ve meant to. Sometimes, things are going along fine, and suddenly you don’t hear from someone anymore. A missed call not returned, for whatever reason; a message not answered; a connection not made…

I find myself wondering what happened. Is it something I did? Did I cause some sort of problem? Was I just boring? I suppose others wonder the same about me. I keep thinking of all the people I’ve wanted to contact lately, and I haven’t. There have been many reasons—stress, family issues, illness—but those people don’t know that, because I haven’t told them.

A friend of mine told me today how he regretted waiting too long to get in touch with a friend. She died just a few weeks ago, not knowing that he was thinking of her.

I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions; I try to make changes as I find them needed. I guess it’s just coincidence that I find myself needing to make this change at this time. To those who have found me inconsistent or slack in my communication, I humbly apologize. Please know this: I have missed you; I have thought of you; and I will try to do better!

Tell me what you think.

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