I’m really missing you tonight. I guess maybe I have been ever since you called last week. I so miss talking to you. I miss a lot more things about you, but I miss that the most—even though I know that’s not what you miss most about me. 😉

I’m trying to start showing interest in meeting men again, because I AM lonely sometimes. Believe it or not, I compare them to you. I don’t compare them to him, because I don’t want to just do better than him; I want someone as good as you. I don’t compare them physically— although I have discovered I don’t really like men who are too thin—but their interests, and tastes, and even their eyes. I always loved your green eyes. Did you think of that when you sent me that photo of you sitting in your office? Was it just coincidence that you were wearing a green shirt? I remember one year I bought you a lambs wool sweater that was a beautiful deep green. I loved it when you wore that sweater. It made your eyes sparkle, and the v-neck showed just enough chest hair to be damn near irresistible. It was perfect for snuggling into; but then, so were you!

It’s rare that I’ve felt as safe in anyone’s arms as I did in yours. Nothing could touch me when I was there. You don’t know what I’d give for that now. I don’t think I ever saw you fight for me, but I always thought that you would. I was never sure of that with him; I was never sure of anything with him. Above all, I was never sure he loved me. I was always sure you did—until you let me go.