Man’s best friend

At long last, my son has the companionship of a dog that’s “his.” Much as we all loved Baik, he was truly “my” dog. I was the object of his undying dedication, and no one else.

Ling Ling looks very much like my childhood dog, May Ling. We even named the new one for the old. May Ling was 100% my mother’s dog. She was a happy companion for 17 years, and was older than my youngest brother when she finally finished her life.

After a few days with us, I saw the same devotion in Ling Ling’s wagging tail and wiggling body as she greeted my son after he’d been away a couple of hours. Ling Ling will indeed be his dog. It was somewhat bittersweet for me, making me miss my faithful dog. But I’m glad he will know the comfort of relentless unconditional love that a dog gives. A dog can make you feel like the most important person in the world, regardless of how the rest of the world makes you feel. Dogs are good for your ego.

A cat may be loyal to one person, but they are never truly devoted. A dog, on the other hand, will be loyal before its own needs and bestow the blind devotion of one who is in love. Its devotion never fades, and never wears thin. Dogs don’t “fall out of love.” As long as you show up and fulfill its most basic needs, it will continue to adore you.

I hope that little Ling Ling will love my son long and well.

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