Ah, the wonders of technology

Computers have always fascinated me. I love all the things they allow you to do without ever leaving home. Many things in my life are so much easier with my laptop, and I was often lost without it.

I was an early adopter of the pocket PC. Next, I fell in love with my Windows phone. Now, I have an Android phone. I have learned to love all the apps that let me do such a wide variety of things using nothing but my cute little phone. I love its bluetooth transfer and its awesome sliding keyboard!

I can check my bank account, transfer money, read and answer e-mails from my home or work accounts, keep up with friends from everywhere, and even post a blog if I want.

When I first used a computer that you had to hook up to a cassette player to write a program, I never dreamed of all these possibilities. I’m glad someone else did!

(This is my first blog written & posted entirely from my phone!)

Tell me what you think.

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