It’s the little things

I told someone recently that it’s easy to appreciate big things—most people do—but it’s appreciating the small things that makes the other person feel that it’s all worth doing. A smile, a wink, a touch as you pass…it’s all those little things strung together that make up everyday life, and make it worth living.

If someone gives you flowers or a gift for a birthday or a holiday, certainly you appreciate it; but deep down, it’s kind of expected, right? But how about a day when you get flowers for no reason? Or someone brings you a gift just because they thought of you when they saw it? Aren’t those the gestures that you really remember?

It’s the kind word of encouragement, the sweet compliment, or the genuine “Thank you” for something you’ve done, that lingers in your heart. Those are the things you treasure in your memory.

Tell me what you think.

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