What happens next?

So, what happens to a marriage when there is no foundation left?

My husband made a comment tonight about how he took his current job to have more time with his son and family. I couldn’t get that comment out of my mind. True, for a dad and a teenager, he and my son don’t have a bad relationship. There are lots of things they enjoy doing together, and most of our extra money goes to supporting those activities. I am left at home. True, I could join them, and be “one of the guys,” but that’s not what I want to be. I want to be the woman. I want to be treated like a woman. I want to be appreciated as a woman.

I asked my husband tonight if he’d ever thought about the fact that when my son leaves, we will be left here with nothing in common. I asked him if, while he was so concerned about “losing touch” with his son, he had ever considered that he might be losing touch with me. His answer was that he knows that, and he’s sorry. I pointed out that being sorry doesn’t really change anything.

His next comment was that he keeps wondering when it’s going to be “our turn.” I told him that I was his WIFE. I shouldn’t have to wait for a turn. Our relationship was supposed to be what this family was built on. As tears welled up and slowly rolled out of my eyes, he started to snore…

Is it wrong to expect my husband to GIVE me a turn? To not make me wait until last—like I don’t deserve his attention until there’s nothing else to pay attention to?

I don’t think I’m being unreasonable.

Tell me what you think.

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