If you know Greg Miller from Okmulgee, tell him Stacy says, “Thanks!”

I’ve been in kind of a sentimental mood lately, brought on by a number of things—among them a new chat friend with whom I’ve been reminiscing about my teenage years, and the recent birthday of my first love. My chat friend and I have been recalling many of our “firsts” and I was thinking today about the guy who first taught me to kiss. I mean REALLY kiss—french style.

As many children do, it was my pleasure to spend a week or two of my summer vacation with my grandparents every year, at their home in Okmulgee, OK. For me, it was not only time to spend with them, but it was time AWAY from my two little brothers! In fact, I spent so much time there that I knew all the neighbors’ children. Next to Grandma and Grandpa Shelton lived the Fairchilds. Their son Sheldon was my age, and his sister Lisa a bit younger. On the other side of the Fairchilds lived the Millers. Their daughter Darcy was the same age as Lisa, Andy was the same age as Sheldon and I, and Greg was 2 years older.

The summer after 6th grade was the first time I’d really met Greg. I knew the other kids, but Greg didn’t usually hang around with us. This summer, he did. We began to notice each other in that “special” way, and try to find time alone together. We would hide from the others, and hold hands and such. One night, we found ourselves alone, and as I turned to say something to him, he kissed me. FOR REAL. After I recovered from my momentary shock, a million thoughts started running through my head. I was only 12, and had NO CLUE what I was doing! So, in an attempt not to seem too much like a little kid, I decided to just do what he did. Follow his lead.

He taught me to blend just the right amount of shyness, tenderness, and eagerness, and how to build it into a roaring passion. Thus, I developed my kissing “style,” which was really just Greg’s style, reversed. We practiced a LOT that summer, and I came to enjoy it tremendously!

I guess he went off to 9th grade and beyond, confident that he was prepared to make out successfully. I didn’t see him much after that summer. And I went home with a new skill; one that has served me well over the years. I have never kissed a man who didn’t seem to enjoy it, and most of them have been quite complementary concerning my talents.

So, Greg:

Rest assured, when a man complements me, I always give you the credit for teaching me well. I was fortunate to have a good teacher, who didn’t pass along any bad habits to get me into trouble later. Kissing is still one of my favorite activities, and I owe that all to the pleasant start you gave me.

If you’re out there, Greg, thanks a million!

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