I seem to find myself in yet another state of transition. I am somewhere between—between married and single; between not loved and loved; between miserable and elated. I have thought for 3 years about this change, and had it all planned out in my mind—to make the transition gradually and logically, painlessly (or with as little pain as possible) for everyone involved.

Everyone except me, that is.

My plan was centered around putting off the things I wanted; putting off my happiness, and putting off living my life, until everyone else was ready for the change. Many things have happened since then—things that have reminded me that life is just too short to waste it living for other people. Not to be totally selfish, or to forget your obligations, but to allow yourself some happiness along with everyone else.

After all, it’s my turn. I’ve done without for so many years.

Tell me what you think.

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