A very brave man

It’s seldom a simple matter to let someone see your real self; to see deep into your soul. Most women seem to desire to know and be known completely. They want to know everything about a man they are interested in, and want to tell him everything about themselves. I don’t quite fall into that category. While I want to know as much as possible about a man—for many reasons—I’m not sure it’s a good idea to allow him to fully know who I am.

It’s rare that I meet a man who even wants to know what’s inside of me—my mind, my heart, my soul. Most of them see my passion, and that’s what they want to stir. They don’t want to touch the rest. While they enjoy the physical side of me, they seem to find it hard to cope with the other side of me–the one that’s not physical. The side that is emotional, and intellectual, and spiritual. 

I want a man that will stimulate all the parts of me. One who will help me grow, and learn, and live alongside him. One who finds me as interesting and willing and open outside the bedroom as in. A man who can challenge my mind; willing to both teach me and learn from me. A man who can make me laugh, and who will let me be brave when I need to be. One who is strong enough to allow me to have dreams of my own, and gentle enough to comfort me if those dreams should get crushed.

I need a man who understands that an amazing connection between two people can bring tears of joy even during sex, and who isn’t afraid of those tears.

I need a very brave man.

Tell me what you think.

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