Surviving VD: Epilogue

ARE there men who want more than sex? Or am I totally out of my mind?

I was told I was asking for the moon. Is that true? Are all the men who believe in love gone? Am I a total idiot to think there is anyone out there who cares about any of this? What have women done to all these men to make them so bitter and jaded? I agree, there are a lot of bitches out there. That’s one reason I have very few friends who are women. All in all, I’ve found most of them to be untrustworthy. But so many men I talk to don’t believe there are good women out there. The most they are hoping for is some good sex. Or even decent sex—I don’t really think their standards are that high.

No one seems to give you a chance to show that you’re different, or even to really care much about what’s inside. They don’t care whether you even HAVE a heart, much less whether it’s a good heart. I can’t seem to find one that wants to know that much about me.

Maybe there’s no place for romantics or romance anymore. Maybe the idea is as out of date as “Leave It to Beaver.” Maybe romantics are like dinosaurs; we know they existed once, but they’re just not here anymore. Maybe I’m just too stupid to have noticed that someone declared romance and love and unselfishness to be invalid; unconstitutional or something.

I heard on the radio the other day that “bitter is the new black.” It does seem that it’s in fashion these days to be bitter and to show it. Being mean-spirited is commonplace, and even worse—accepted. People who try to believe, and to find good in someone seem to be considered foolish or stupid. I’m skeptical, to be sure. I’ve never been very trusting. I am usually the one who is suspicious. But I give the benefit of the doubt; at least I give people a chance to prove who they are before I decide to like or dislike them.

Someone out there, please tell me I’m wrong, and that it’s okay to keep believing in love—because if I can’t, I’m not sure I can keep going.

Tell me what you think.

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