Thanking Greg…

About a year ago, I wrote a blog about the guy who taught me how to kiss: If you know Greg Miller from Okmulgee, tell him Stacy says, “Thanks!” I was hoping that somehow, someday, some way, it would make its way to someone who knows Greg, and in a way, I would be able to thank him.

Well, in a classic “what a small world” scenario, I found a high school friend on facebook who had a familiar name in her friends list… Lo and behold, it was the infamous Greg Miller’s brother, Andrew! I sent him the link to the blog, knowing he’d get a kick out of it.

I got this response:

That blog was too cool! i kinda remember you and Greg being like that but it mostly went over my head. That brother of mine was quite the Cassanova in 8th grade and we didnt even realize it!

thanks for sharing your story. it was cute and sweet and it takes me back to those wonderful childhood days…..

I told him I wouldn’t mind if he sent it to Greg, just for grins.

Today, I received this reply from Andrew:

“i did send it to Greg even before you told me i could. No way could i just sit on something that good!”

So tonight, I can rest easy, knowing that Greg has finally been properly thanked for teaching me the skill that has brought me (and a few others) so much pleasure for so many years!

Tell me what you think.

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