Say it with a kiss

Maybe it’s been on my mind lately because of the previous blogs, but as I was driving in to work one day, I began to think about kissing. Besides being something that I really enjoy, it’s a form of communication in itself. I like to give kisses to my family, friends, and lovers, but they are definitely not the same! Kissing is kind of an all-purpose messaging system; different kisses can mean so many different things.

Whether on the cheek, the lips, the head, the hand, the ear, the back of the neck, or someplace even more personal… the placement of a kiss is an important part of the message.

A kiss on the cheek can say “thank you”; “I like you”; “I’m so glad to see you”; or “I’m just being nice to you for someone I love.”

A quick kiss on the lips might say “I love you”; “I will miss you”; “I’m happy for you”; or “I can’t believe you did that!”

A kiss on the head can tell someone “it will be okay”; “I understand”; “I’m here for you”; “your presence comforts me”; or “I’m not going anywhere.”

Kisses on the hands or fingertips can say “I enjoy your touch” or “I’m ready for more!”

A deep, passionate kiss, or a kiss placed carefully on the ear or the back of the neck says “I appreciate you”; “I love to be near you”; or “I want you—now!”

And there are so many, many more things to say with a kiss.

So… talk to me!

Tell me what you think.

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