What I really need is…

I am fortunate enough to still be close friends with a man I dated back in high school. We dated for a few years, and I loved him dearly (still do). He probably knows me better than any other man ever has. Since he is no longer available, this is what he tells me I should be looking for:

You are a complex woman and you must find a man that will love you unconditionally. He needs to be smart enough to “hang” with you; meaning you are smarter than the average person and you need to be stimulated intellectually as well as emotionally and physically.

You really are a sweetheart. See, I know you better than anyone, even 25+ years later. I’m not sure why other guys don’t understand that you NEED someone to be there for you—to watch movies with you, brush your hair back, touch your face, and hold you tight. He must make you understand that he loves you unconditionally, but at the same time, give you some space and not smother you. He needs to keep life interesting—changing things up a bit—like sending you flowers when you least expect it, taking you out for a really good steak, or getting on a motorcycle at 3:00 am and riding somewhere for breakfast.

No one can explain it to him. He will either get it or he won’t. It must be unconditional, die-for-you love.

Wow. Thank you, sweetie. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Tell me what you think.

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