“My turn” revisited

Well! The old saying, “be careful what you ask for” certainly applies here. Since I wrote that blog, my world has spun completely out of control.

Suddenly, rather than being the one that everyone depends on, I find myself without firm footing—depending on others for the first time in my adult life. I have lost my job after 12 years, my health insurance, and now my faithful dog. I am on unemployment for the first time in my life; I was totally unprepared for that. My retired parents have had to buy me groceries so I can feed my son.

It’s a humbling experience. I could be angry; I could be frantic; I could be paralyzed with fear. Amazingly, I am none of those things. Instead, I am almost relieved. For the first time in years, the future holds a mixture of questions and possibilities. I am not getting up and doing the same thing every day. Each day is a challenge to my creativity and my ingenuity; what can I do that will help me find a job? What options have I not considered? What might I like to do that’s different from what I’ve done for years?

I’m choosing to look at this as a chance for a new start; a twist in the road of my life. I am having to learn again to depend on God. He has never failed me. I’ve no reason to think He will now.

Tell me what you think.

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