Patience? Not a concept I’ve really mastered. An understatement, some might say! Lately, I find myself in a situation where there is little I can do except to be patient. There is only so much I can do to speed my re-employment, and the rest is in the hands of God and a multitude of strangers.

This isn’t the sort of situation I like. While I’m not one that always has to be “in control” of things, I do like to have a plan; to see at least a little distance ahead. I know that seeing what’s coming doesn’t always guarantee you can prevent bad things from happening, but at a minimum, it gives you some opportunity to prepare. Having a steady base makes you more flexible; more able to bend in the storms, so to speak.

So many things have hit me at once that I can no longer feel my footing. The divorce was easier to handle when I could support myself. Losing my job, or my dog, would be easier if I had a steady relationship to lean on. Right now, I feel like a balloon on a string; only tentatively tethered to any sort of foundation.

Tell me what you think.

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