Still looking for home

With a move approaching, I’ve been contemplating once more the subject of home. I suppose I’ve been looking for home for most of my life. Although I haven’t found it, I’ve learned that it’s not a place you can move to; not a city, or an address. It’s more than where you live. You can live in a place for years and it may never really be home.

I have been close to finding it at times, and other times, not so close. There were times and places that I tried to believe were home, but they never really felt right. There were times when my heart felt as if I’d found my home, but for various reasons, I missed the chance.

Home (to me) is where that one special person lives, who loves you more than anyone else; maybe more than you ever believed someone could. Home is the place where you always feel safe, and loved, and protected, and even if you’re there by yourself, you’re not really alone because the love stays with you.

Tell me what you think.

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