That’s what they used to call the category on “Jeopardy” that contained the clues that didn’t really fit any other categories. As I watched one day this week, I noticed that they called that category “Whatever.” Just a sign of how things change with the culture…

I suppose this entry will just be a collection of random thoughts that aren’t really formed enough in my mind for an entry of their own.


Nothing points out your inconsistencies and lack of commitment to a project like housebreaking a puppy! I know she needs a schedule and structure to help her learn, but it’s very difficult when my own life has very little structure and almost no schedule right now. She actually does very well if her people will pay attention and not put her off with “not right now” or “in a minute.” She just doesn’t seem to understand those phrases… Maybe if she was an English bulldog instead of a Chinese pug, she’d understand us better!


I realized this week that my son is really starting to grow up. He still has his “teenage” moments, but he’s starting to have adult ones, too. It’s unbelievable to me that he may finally make it to adulthood, and be able to cope with the real world. He still has a long way to go, but for a while I was afraid he wasn’t even going to start the journey!


A dear friend of mine has begun “camping out” again. That means he’s homeless. I worry for him; I can’t imagine living without a roof and all the niceties to which I’m accustomed. I don’t worry so much about him not eating and such; he has a part-time job and handles his money well. I worry more about him dealing with heat, and rain, and cold—the things over which we humans have no control. The irony is that, although he has no “home,” he still has his laptop and cell phone, so at least we can stay in touch!

Crazy world, huh?

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