Maybe I’m amazed

…and then again, maybe not so much. I mostly find myself disappointed in humanity as a whole; at the way people treat each other—ranging from the small indignities perpetrated in everyday life to the unspeakable acts that capture the attention of the global media. Children who are ungrateful or rude to their parents; people with an attitude of “entitlement” who seem to feel their time is so much more valuable than yours; leaders who are more interested in how we can help them, than how they can help us…

Sometimes, I am amazed at the goodness people demonstrate; their generosity; their willingness to care for those who have less than they do, even when they are complete (or relative) strangers. I have a friend (let’s call him Ralph) who barely has anything to call his own, and he’s okay with that. He chooses to live his life as a self-sufficient person, who makes his own way. But despite his determination, he has had to face the fact that he is not as independently mobile as he once was. His body is failing him, and the realities of his physical limitations have forced his proud spirit to learn to accept gifts and help from others. He is always grateful and humbled by these offerings and the inspiration behind them.

And then—often directly on the heels of my renewed faith in the humanity of humanity—I am again deeply disappointed in them. After an accident rendered his last donated laptop inoperable, a friend of his was generous enough to donate her previous laptop so that he could again communicate with his online friends. It wasn’t a phenomenal machine, but he was grateful nonetheless, and learned to work within its limits.

Today, in the public library in San Antonio, Ralph made the mistake of walking away from his laptop for less than 5 minutes, and when he returned, it was gone. Some lowlife stole it, computer bag and all. Of course, the security guard didn’t notice anyone or anything out of the ordinary, and the police have been little help other than to point out that he shouldn’t have left it unattended. Unfortunately, I can’t replace the laptop, nor can I hunt down the despicable thief who did this.

A**hole, bottom-feeder, jerk, s***head, waste of skin—none of these words are severe enough to express my disgust for such a miserable excuse for a human being. I hate to know this person is breathing up my air! Medieval tortures aren’t horrendous enough to inflict the punishment that person deserves!

All I can do is pray that someone will be kind enough to amaze me once more, and help with yet another donated laptop, and allow Ralph to get back online so he can keep in touch with the friends that he has made all over the country. And I hope whoever took it gets nothing but the misery he has earned!

Tell me what you think.

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