Ordinary magic

Every once in a great while I come to the end of a day and realize that it’s been a really good day. I don’t always notice it when it happens, because it’s the utter lack of the unusual that makes it extraordinary. On those days, you do the normal day-to-day things that you do every day—shower, work, make dinner, spend a little time with someone you enjoy—nothing spectacular or amazing.

It doesn’t have to involve anything extravagant or fancy. It may be as simple as watching TV, sharing a good laugh, or having a real conversation where you learn something new. You might find yourself talking about the future, or sharing dreams that didn’t come true. Sometimes you can even be doing separate things, but at the same time, together.

Still, somehow it all falls into place and you realize it’s possible to be truly happy. Suddenly you feel that ordinary magic; that special feeling when it’s just good to be you and to be where you are right now.

Tell me what you think.

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