No new posts?

The fact that I haven’t had time to write any new posts is driving me nuts! I have had so much to say–especially about Thanksgiving, among other things that have been on my mind. So I thought I’d make a quick post to explain what my life as a working student (not to mention mom) is like at the moment.

Schedule for Thursday, Dec 4:
9:15am – Dress for a client presentation and try to disguise the fact I haven’t slept
9:30am – Turn in the paper I finish writing tonight
11:00am – Pass the Milton exam I will study for tonight
12:30pm – Deliver to a client the presentation spiel that I will write/practice tonight
2:00pm – Discuss with my work group the brilliant idea for a final animated presentation that I hope I have at some point tonight
4:00pm – Meet with my professor to discuss the topic for my final Milton paper which I hope to conceive tonight.
4:45pm – Eat something–breakfast? lunch? whatever.
5:00pm – Collapse

Know what I mean? As soon as classes are over, I’m sure I will have to dig it all up again and write it out. Until then…

Tell me what you think.

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