My own little revelation

I have missed my blog! There is so much homework, but it’s only a few weeks now until graduation, and my writing will be my own again. I was just participating in the required online discussion on the topic of finding a mentor, and I had a revelation. Thought I’d pass it along, for what it’s worth.


I am about to rejoin the job market as a technical writer, which I did for more than 7 years before deciding to get a degree. One incident along my path that I now find fascinating is the fact that 30-something years ago, in my Freshman writing class (the FIRST time I went to college), my teacher, Regis Welch, told me that she thought I would be a good technical writer.

I chose to do something else, and while I enjoyed it, it was never my passion. When I finally had the opportunity to try technical editing and writing, I realized I had found my passion. After three decades, I learned that she had been right all along. She saw something in me that I never saw in myself.

If I’d been as smart as I thought I was, I would have listened!

Tell me what you think.

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