Full Circle

Well, here I am again. Back to blogging to sort out my life/thoughts. I have lots of thoughts! I guess you could say I’ve come full circle.

Over the last few years, my life has gone in many different directions. Lately, though, my life seems to be coming full circle in so many areas, it’s like ripples in a pond—expanding endlessly until I can’t see them anymore.

I enrolled in college at age 50 and earned a B.A. in English. During that time, I was too busy with classes to blog! I should have, though. It was fun to meet people less than half my age, who were astounded when I told them we had no computers when I was in high school! I also made a couple of very good friends. I was older than most of their parents, and almost all my professors. The ones that were my age loved it when someone in class understood their jokes!

That degree fulfills a dream that I’ve had since high school. I feel like it was a step toward living up to what I believe to be my potential. It was part of learning to accept and respect myself again…part of becoming who I was again. Full circle.

Incredibly, I am now part of a small start-up retail brokerage and managed online services company. It’s not full-time yet, so I’m working from my mom’s house, living in a bedroom with all my stuff in boxes in the shop. Again, full circle.

One of the more interesting circles is the fact that the company I’m working for is in a city where I used to live, and I will be moving there soon. I’m so excited to be going back there! Our office right now is 6 blocks from the building where I used to work. Eventually, we hope to have offices that are even closer. Almost exactly full circle!

I am still single, and I’ve been okay with that. I’ve learned to appreciate my own company, and to depend on my friends or family for the support I need. I’ve learned to rely on my faith for comfort. I’ve learned to be honest with myself and others, and to say what I feel. Not to say mean things, or anything like that. Just to be…open. Including saying nice things to people. Telling them when you appreciate them and care about them. Not letting things go unsaid. I don’t want to regret the things I didn’t say.

Sometimes, I think that takes people by surprise. I suppose that’s uncommon enough that it can make people uncomfortable. I wonder whether my life will come full circle in that area, as well. If it did, I think that would be amazing.

Tell me what you think.

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