There you were…

Do you remember how easily we used to find each other? No matter how large the crowd around us, we could locate one another almost immediately. Today, when I saw you standing in the middle of that room full of people, my heart stopped. Someone stepped aside, and there you were. I don’t even remember crossing the room.

Hugging you was pure instinct. I don’t remember if I even spoke to you before I grabbed you! I hope it wasn’t too embarrassing or awkward for you. I haven’t seen you in…what…nearly 20 years? Maybe it was a side-effect of all the family-hugging going on this weekend, but it never occurred to me NOT to hug you. Suddenly, I felt the years between us melt away. As if you were who you’ve always been, and I was myself once more.

You’ve known me since I was 12 years old. After so many years of friendship in varying degrees, we eventually lost touch. Why was that?

As I fell out of the circle of our mutual connections, and we were apart for so many years, I guess I let go of the idea that I would see you again. Silly, I suppose, to think it had to be permanent. I mean, all I had to do was ask about you, but for some reason, I could never bring myself to step back into that circle to ask.

I’ve thought about you. I’ve looked for you on Facebook. I’ve wondered where you were. I just never did the one thing it would have taken to reach out to you. I don’t know why. That’s on me.

Oddly enough, I was thinking of you just days ago, although I can’t remember what brought you to my mind. It never occurred to me that you would show up—today of all days—at the time and place where I was. I should have known. I should have expected it; you were always part of the family.

I have missed you. I rarely have the chance to be with someone who knew me as a kid; who watched me grow up. Sometimes, that’s exactly what I need.

Tell me what you think.

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